The Archives contain Freedom historical articles, stories, folklore and pictures.  These all come from the Facebook page, NOW & THEN, started and maintained by Claudia Garrett.  It is hopeful with this page that you can easily access the information.  Any omissions are entirely unintentional.


“Don’t Walk Over Someone’s Grave!”

“My Township Home” by Irene Crew Kessling

20 Mule Team Came Through Freedom Before the 1976 Bicentennial

A Conversation with Bill Sponaugle by Claudia Garrett

Andrew Jones Family

Around the Kitchen with the Evans Family

Attending Church in the Early Days of Freedom

Barbara Strawman Grafton, Part 1

Barbara Strawman Grafton, Part 2

Ben Francis Crew

Bernice Younker Hitchcock Crew

Burgler Escape on Freight Train to Freedom

Cain’s Garage

Cattle Underpass

Coupons Submitted by Ray Cine

Creepy Karpis and the Last Great Train Heist

Creepy Karpis – Re-Enactment

Dew Drop Inn

Did a Sea Captain Build a House In Freedom?

Difficulties of Early Pioneers

Early Mail Delivery

Elijah Ranney

Enoch Drake

F. E. George Store in Drakesburg

Fear Farm & Woodridge Farm

Four Foot Falls Rake Factory

Fred Lorenz with New Stove

Freedom Arsenal Gate with Guard House

Freedom Class Picture 1966, Grade 5 & 6

Freedom Congregational Church – Inside Restoration

Freedom Congregational Church – More Pictures

Freedom Congregational Church

Freedom Honor Roll at Night

Freedom Man Steals Coal from Railroad 

Freedom School

Freedom Stage Coach Tavern

Freedom Station by Claudia Garrett

Freedom Station by Mike Mc Coy

Freedom Station Architectual Drawings Submitted by Phillp McCoy

Freedom Station One-Room School House

Freedom Station Train Submitted by Phillip McCoy

Freedom Station, Submitted by Claudia Garrett

Freedom School Freedom’s Yellow Jackets

Getting Coal on King Road

Grandma Dennison

Grandparents Ben and Beatrice Crew

Indians & Maple Syrup

Insane Posse Clowns

Irene Crew McCoy Kesling

Jeanette Marvin-Hall

July 2015 Sighting Of Freedom Demon Reported

Kenny’s Memory from the Blizzard of 78

Mary Jemison

Mr Tarr, Principal, & Other Teachers

Mrs. Field’s Class 1964-1965

Mrs. Garrett’s Class 1963-1964

New Freedom Depot Not Big Enough

Notes by Harry Cline

Officer Guy Norris

Oscar F Hunt, General Store Owner

Pelsue Drugstore in Garrettsville

Picture of Freedom Station.& Oscar Hunt’s Store

Plimmon Dudley

Purchase of School House

Ravendale Farm by Claudia Garrett

Ravendale Farm by Kriss Kristoff

Ravenna Arsenal 

Ravenna Arsenal Pictures, Part 1

Ravenna Arsenal Pictures, Part 2

Recycling Has Problem in Freedom

Rosco Hunt

Sarah Dudley Leete

Shepard House


Stealing Coal from the Railroad

Teachers at Freedom

Thanksgiving with Grandma Crew

The Blizzard of January 1978

The Cains

The Carolina Parakeet

The Freedom Soldier’s Last Look of Home

The Freedom Tale of the Tavern Where No One Stopped Twice

The Freedom Tale of the Two Brothers

The Freedom Tale of the Woman and the Well

The Great Train Accident

The Lost Watch

The Mormons

The Tale of a Freedom Rattler

Tin Lizzy